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Hoop It Up by Eileen Roche and Marie Zinno

Hoop It Up
Hooping an item correctly is an important beginning step to getting a professionally embroidered design. But with the many different items to embroider and the variety of hoops available, knowing which hoop to use and how to hoop any given item can be challenging.

In Hoop It Up, the Stitching Sisters, Eileen Roche and Marie Zinno, take the confusion out of hooping. They've pooled their years of embroidery experience to share their best practices for embroidering over 30 popular items.

First Eileen and Marie will explain the different approaches to hooping–the tried and true standard hoop, the user-friendly magnetic hoop, the on-the-edge border hoop, and the sticky stabilizer route. You'll also learn about a variety of embroidery tools, like the Angle Finder and Hoop Guard, which can make the task of hooping so much easier and more accurate.

Next you'll learn step by step how to hoop over 30 items, both flat and tubular. From napkins, bibs, and blankets to baby onesies, T-shirts, and hats, you'll see how to plan the embroidery for each item and how to control the variables to ensure success.


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